Camp Counselor Testimonials


“Currently living in NSW, Australia about to start my Music Honours and working towards becoming a Music Therapist.

I have so many fond memories of my time at Phoebe, my favorite activity to do was definitely caving, can’t say I’ve had the opportunity to do that anywhere else, followed by rock climbing at Pilot Mountain.
Outdoor expedition camp was hands down my favourite camp week but each week was so fun and different from the last.
I can still remember so many campers’ names too! The kids that came to camp were such an awesome bunch and they really made my whole experience memorable.
Phoebe’s such a special place, being there makes you feel like you’re part of the family.”


“After working at PNC, I left for graduate school at the University of Kansas. I’m set to graduate with a Masters degree in chemistry Summer 2021 after defending my thesis. I’m studying the Hepatitis C virus via single molecule FRET in Dr. Erik Holmstrom’s lab, a laser spectroscopy biophysics lab.”
“My time at PNC was amazing! It was like finding another family, and helping all of the campers to experience that same love and belonging, that I felt!”