Day Camp

Day Camp Information

Day Camp will facilitate your child’s ability to play successfully and cooperatively with peers in a group. The child will learn how to work in a group and complete art or nature projects. Campers will develop an appreciation for the environment. Youth will learn how to work with different art mediums. Additionally, Day Camp will help your child become comfortable in and around the water. Children will learn and improve upon their swimming skills while at camp. If your youth attends both sessions of Learn to Swim Camp and/or Art Camp, the second session will focus on building on the skills that were learned in the first session.

Day Camp Descriptions


Swim Camp

Swim Camp I: June 27th – July 1st

Swim Camp II: July 11th – 15th

The two weeks of Swim Camp will focus on teaching children how to swim, or improving their swimming skills if they are already swimmers. Each day will include swimming lessons, games, free swim time, and lots of other fun. Swimming instructors are Red Cross certified. The second week of Swim Camp will continue to build on the skills gained in the first week.

Art Camp

Art Camp I: June 20th – 24th

Art Camp II: July 4th – July 8th

Day campers will have a great time painting, making crafts, tie-dying t-shirts, playing games, singing, having an afternoon swim, and lots of other fun activities! In addition to our regular camp staff, we will have art instructors to teach the various skills. Each week will focus on different types of art, crafts, and projects.

All Around Camp

July 18th – July 22nd

All Around Camp will be a combination of Swim Camp and Art Camp. It will be a fun and busy week doing a bit of everything we do at camp.


Day Camp Schedule


Art Camp I June 20th – 24th Rising 1st – 4th Graders
Swim Camp I June 27th – July 1st Rising 1st – 4th Graders
Art Camp II July 4th – July 8th Rising 1st – 4th Graders
Swim Camp II July 11th – 15th Rising 1st – 4th Graders
All Around Camp July 18th – July 22nd Rising 1st – 4th Graders

All programs and dates are subject to change due to COVID-19

Day Camp Pricing & Discounts




Do you need help paying for summer camp tuition?

Apply for the Alaina Mentkow Summer Camp Scholarship

The average amount of scholarship awarded is $35 dollars for Day Camp programs. Each family is asked to contribute 1/3 of the camp tuition and to find another source (e.g., church, relative civic organization, or friend) to provide an additional 1/3 of the camp fee. This amount fluctuates based on need in case by case bases. It is possible to receive discounts and a scholarship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I drop off and pick up my camper from Day Camp?

Drop off time is between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Pick up time is between 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Will family members count towards the Bring a Friend to Camp Discount?

No. Family members do not count.

How much scholarship will my child get for camp tuition?

The average amount of scholarship awarded is $35 for Day Camp. Each family is asked to contribute a minimum of 1/3 of the camp fee and to find another source (e.g. church, relative, civic organization, or friend) to provide an additional 1/3 of the camp fee. Various amounts are awarded on a case by case basis in regard to the amount of need. Call our office at (540)-483-1518 for more information regarding how much aid you may receive. Anyone may apply for and may receive a scholarship.

What should I do if I want another parent/guardian to pick up my child from camp?

Per our policy, you will have to sign a permission slip listing the name of the parent/guardian that will pick up your camper on a particular date. This should be done in advance unless extenuating circumstances occur.

If I apply for a summer camp scholarship, can I still receive the summer camp discounts that are offered?

Yes, you can receive both a scholarship and summer camp discount(s).

I need to pick up my camper early. Is that possible?

Please provide notice in advance via emailing or calling the office (540)-483-1518.

I have paid a deposit for my camper, but now my youth is unable to attend. May I receive a refund?

Deposits are nonrefundable.

Do you offer military discounts on camp tuition?

Phoebe Needles Center, Inc. offers a free week of camp to children that have a parent(s) that is actively deployed in the military.

Do you offer discounts for campers that have a parent in the corrections system?

Phoebe Needles Center, Inc. offers a free week of camp to children that have a parent(s) that is currently incarcerated.

When is the deadline for camp registration?

Although there is no firmly set deadline, we prefer to have all registration materials two weeks prior to the start date of the camp for which you are registering.

May I call my camper during camp week?

Campers are not accessible by phone unless an emergency occurs or if the camper has been homesick for more than 24 hours. However, you may write a letter to your camper.

My camper has specific needs, and I am unsure if he or she may fair well during a week of camp. What should I do?

List any information we should know about your camper on the medical form during the registration process. Please discuss your concerns with our Office Manager, the Director of Programs, or the Executive Director at (540)-483-1518 or