Frequently Asked Questions

 What are the basics needed to attend Virtual Online Camp 2020 @ Phoebe Needles?

Campers will need to have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  You will also need internet access with bandwidth adequate to watch a YouTube video, and participate in a videoconference call.  We recognize this will be a challenge for many of our campers.  Please contact us as to how we might be able to help make virtual camp a reality for your child.

When will the camp programs operate?

Times vary. Please refer to our time blocks HERE.

What will it cost?

There is NO CHARGE for the programs. However, we are accepting donations for our summer camp fund.

How will camp be conducted virtually online? 

We will be utilizing the application Zoom (which is free to download on a smartphone, tablet, or computer).

Is virtual online camp safe for my child? 

Like any application online, there are problems and security issues.  Zoom is being used by lots of other camp programs right now, as well as serving businesses, colleges and universities, and other organizations.  We will provide you a guide of best practices during the registration process that outlines your responsibilities and other safety recommendations for your child.

How do I download Zoom?

Go to in an internet browser and download the application on your device or click the emailed link provided to you each day by PNC constant contact.

What is a meeting ID?

Meeting IDs are the links used to login to each daily session of camp. Each day of camp will have the same meeting ID, however the password will change week to week.

What security measures are being taken to ensure that Zoom sessions are limited to registered campers and PNC staff?

By creating a new 8-digit numerical password for each camp session. We are also taking extra security measures to ensure that camps are limited to registered campers and PNC staff.

What do I do if I encounter technical problems during the camp?

A number for the parents or campers to call with technical problems relating to ZOOM will be announced at a later date. For all other questions, please call the office at (540)-483-1518.

What if I don’t have access to reliable Wi-Fi or an electronic device?

To participate in virtual camp both Wi-Fi and an electronic device are required.

Can my child invite relatives or friends to join them in the PNC Virtual Camp?

Yes! We always welcome new faces at Phoebe Needles, whether at a physical location or online, it is a great opportunity for parents to explain to the prospective camper’s parents what makes Phoebe Needles so special. Have them call our office at (540)-483-1518 to register for our programs.

DISCLAIMER: If the program is in person, you will be subject to COVID-19 screenings. Masks will be worn outside if social distancing cannot occur. All in person programs are subject to change due to weather.