In Person Program Descriptions


Outreach Wednesdays

You are invited to join the Phoebe Needles Center Summer Camp Staff either individually or with a group of friends as we offer community service throughout the area. Have you ever hammered a nail to build a deck? What about used a mitre saw to cut a 2X4? During this week, we will divide into small groups to work with neighbors to remodel the houses of the elderly and those in need in our community. You will have a chance to try your hand at basic carpentry, painting or landscaping. Imagine building a wheelchair ramp for someone in need, or replacing the porch on a house of someone who is not able to do the work themselves. What about painting an entire house in a week? This service learning program is all about working together with people in the community to accomplish a task none of us could do by ourselves.

Thursdays in the Summer @ Phoebe Needles

You and your family are invited to spend a day with the Phoebe Summer Needles Center Camp Staff to engage in activities on the archery range, ropes course, local rock climbing, swimming pool, climbing tower, as well as play some games, and enjoy a day outdoors.

Fridays in the Summer @ Phoebe Needles

We’ll begin at 7:00 p.m. with an outdoor movie. Bring your favorite prince, princess, or theme costume. You bring your family and friends, your own chair, and we’ll provide the popcorn and lemonade. After the movie we will have a short campfire with s’mores.

Movies: July 3 – Shrek, July 10 – Lion King, July 17 – Wall-E, July 24 – Incredibles, July 31 – Ratatouille

DISCLAIMER: If the program is in person, you will be subject to COVID-19 screenings. Masks will be worn outside if social distancing cannot occur. All in person programs are subject to change due to weather.



Virtual Program Descriptions


Adult Camp

The Phoebe Needles Center summer staff have planned a Virtual Online Adult Summer Camp Program and we want you to participate with us. We have five two-hour programs planned – Mondays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Each two-hour program will focus on four areas – quality discussion and conversation, health and fitness, interactive games, and worship.

Virtual Tuesdays

You are invited to join the Phoebe Needles Center Summer Camp Staff online for an engaging, fun, and interactive experience.


Micro-Camp Descriptions


Game Night
Test your cooperative and competitive skills to the test with fun games for the whole family, a group of kids from your neighborhood, a youth group from your church, or any group you want to get together. These games will get you up and moving and bring the group together for a night of laughter and bonding. These games will keep you and the whole group engaged while still having fun.

Cooking Classes

In two hours or less, Mrs. Pat will teach you how to cook dinner for your family. This will be simple recipes with things you will likely have around the house. You can surprise your family by offering to cook a meal with dessert next week! This class will occur July 15th!

Story Time
Counselors will read from a selection of themed children’s books. Campers and staff will be invited to wear costumes and participate in the story.
Virtual Escape Room
Imagine being trapped in a room with a group of people whose task is to find a way out. Join us for an engaging, virtual experience where people must work together to solve puzzles and get clues to escape from the room. There will be active movement as well as brain teasers to challenge the people involved.

Charicature Party

Join us for fun, laughter, and an interactive experience as Roanoke artist, Kyle Edgell will teach you how to draw a quick and clever charicature.

Comedy Night
Enjoy a fun night filled with funny life stories shared by the counselors and the audience.
Virtual Birthday Parties
The Phoebe Needles Center camp staff will provide fun, entertainment, and laughter (everything but the cake).
Welcome to Hogwarts with Dr. Lana Whited
Spend time with a renowned Harry Potter enthusiast. Engage with your favorite characters, journey into the wizarding world! This will occur on July 28th!