Active Seniors Class

The Active Seniors Class is a new light exercise class for seniors who would like to work on developing strength, mobility, and flexibility at their own pace. The classes are offered every Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 AM-11:00 AM.

Check out the flyer for more information on the Active Seniors Class HERE.

Participants are able to use a chair during their exercises as well as have the option of opting out of any exercise they may not feel comfortable participating in. These classes offered at no charge and are held at the Phoebe Needles Center.

If you plan to attend the Active Seniors class, then RSVP to the office through email, or by phone, (540)-483-1518.

I can tell that I am stronger, and I have better balance and more stability. My husband Johnny can tell a difference. I love the community!


The major thing for me is the camaraderie. The community is my favorite part: getting to know one another and the friendliness of the group. I like what it does for me physically. The actions are good for my body, and it helps with my stability and strength